My fortune-telling

“All the memory of the brilliance of the young Tenenbaums had been erased by two decades of betrayal, failure and disaster”. “The Royal Tenenbaums”, a film by Wes Anderson.

There are many reasons people may turn to fortune-telling at some point in their lives. It often is because of love; or that they are stuck in a rut; face a challenging decision; and/or are anxious about the future for one reason or another. Sometimes life seems (or is) too hard and people look for something to hold on to. Etc., etc.

My fortune-telling experience:

My first real experience of fortune-telling was going to a friend’s sister for a “Turkish coffee cup reading” in my mid-twenties in London. She had discovered not long before that she had a psychic ability and was doing practice sessions in exchange of donations.  I was hoping she would tell me about when I would finally be happy in love 🙂, as I had not been having luck in that area for some time. She told me many things that came true as time went by.

I greatly enjoyed the whole experience and went to her a few more times after that. I fully got into the whole occult thing a few years ago, with an astrology course, although I had been interested in astrology and fortune-telling since my teens. Then, in 2017, I started learning about tarot and other forms of card divination and I haven’t put the cards down since, learning the different ways of interpretation, and acquiring a small occult library along the way.

My fortune-telling style:

I greatly enjoy the whole process of card reading, it always feels magical and cosy to me. Sometimes I say a prayer before shuffling the deck, sometimes light some candles and incense, depending on the occasion and the seriousness of the consultation.

I do all sorts of readings: the options people face, where their lives are heading, forecasts, etc. Love questions, practical questions, spiritual questions, etc. Mostly my consultations have a predictive/outcome purpose.

What is the purpose of knowing the future?

Often the cards show us the logical and common sense conclusion to our actions and the path we are on in regards to a certain situation. When we see this logical conclusion and we do not like it, we often can change the way we behave and thus we might be able to change the outcome.

On occasions, deep down, we might know what to do or not to do, but our mind, past experiences or people around us, tell us something else. Cards might be able to help us to make up our minds.

Sometimes the cards surprise us. When we only see one possible outcome to a situation, the cards tell us of another possible outcome, and thus open our horizons and completely change the way we view a situation.

And when our life seems to be moving nowhere and we feel like we are stuck in a rut, cards can give us some information about the future that might give us hope and something to hold on to.

Predestination/ Fate:

I quite agree with Heraclitus’ quote: “Man’s character is [his] fate.” I also think that our spirit chooses the body and the circumstances we are born with/into and that in each lifetime we have to learn something for our spirit to grow. Therefore I believe that many situations we face are predestined in some way.

I think there might be a reason we decide to get our fortune told. And there might be a reason we choose one fortune-teller over another. It might be the spirits guiding us to get the information we need.

Photos by: Annie Spratt, Austin Chan, Ross Findon and Wyron A., all from Unsplash