Sample consultation

Price of consultation:


To book a consultation:

Please send me an email to:

Please let me know your question(s).

I will confirm availability and when I will be able to send you the consultation.

I will also send you a link to my link to make the payment for the consultation.

Only once the payment is received I will proceed with your consultation.

You will receive your consultation in an email. The format will be a PDF text with an image(s) of the cards included.


I will usually be able to complete your consultation on the same day, but I will confirm to you via e-mail.


The consultations are for entertainment purposes only and not as a substitute for legal, medical, financial or any other kind of professional advice.

General notes

  • All my consultations are done with tarot and/or standard poker playing cards.
  • No one consultation is the same, sometimes I read the cards using standard interpretations, while others I interpret the cards more intuitively, or both.
  • For the questions I may use as many cards and any card layout I feel are needed to get a clear answer.

Images of flowers by Annie Spratt from Unsplash.