Animal charities

I will donate 30% from the gross proceeds from each consultation to an animal charity. By animal charity I mean animal sanctuaries, animal shelters, any organization that, saves, gives shelter, cares, re-homes and is extremely kind to all animals, never causing them any harm.

Please choose one of the organisations below. You can also suggest an animal charity that is close to your heart.

When you make the payment for the consultation and send me the email with the required details, please specify which charity you would like me to make the donation to. When I make the donation I will send you a confirmation of the donation to the email you provide.

Galgos del Sol

Beneath The Wood Sanctuary

Fundación Santuario Gaia

Mino Valley Sanctuary

Almas Veganas Santuario Animal

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Sheep Ahoy

Image by Ben Mater from Unsplash.