About me

“[…] And who, above the ruins of his life, was striving to locate some elusive meaning? Who was enduring a seemingly senseless, seemingly mad existence, yet still, at this last insanely chaotic stage, secretly hoping to find revealed truth and divine presence?” – “Steppenwolf” by Hermann Hesse.

Hello and welcome to my website!

I have been practicing divination/ fortune-telling with cards for the last six years. I am also interested in astrology, currently studying ancient astrology.

I love the idea of Jesus, Buddha, Angels, Spirits, certain Saints, the “Ten Sufi Thoughts”, etc. Although I find that organised religions are not for me. I am sort of on a constant mystical quest.

A spiritual book that made a deep impression on me was The Spirits’ Bookby Allan Kardec, not the introduction or the comments by the author, which I think were mainly directed to the public of his time, but the answers the spirits gave to the author’s questions. Somehow, I felt that the ideas shared by the spirits were known to me on a subconscious level but were something I had never consciously been able to coherently formulate or express in words.

A brief bio:

I was born in Moscow, Russia. When I was a child, my family moved to Spain and then I spent nearly twenty years in England, UK. I have been back to Spain now for a few years and live with my husband and our two rescued dogs in sunny Valencia, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

I am against wars, invasions, dictatorships, and most of all against violence and killing others, humans or animals.

I am vegan for the animals. I also found that being vegan is essential to my spiritual awareness and growth.